Get the support you need from a passionate and experienced professional who has helped hundreds of musicians get clarity on what they want and build a plan to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.


Our services are designed to give you maximum results as efficiently as possible. I have been a disciple of behavioral money management and business planning for solo entrepreneurs for almost two decades now. I have been able to help artists just like you get real results, fast, that move them forward toward their next goals.

Here's how we can work together:

Individual Support

Through personalized coaching, I meet you where you are and help you move forward to where you want to be.

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Institutional Programs

Our new online course, The Academy, provides your artists with the training and tools they need to successfully plan for the business and financial side of a career in the arts.

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Financial Services

Whether you need help creating a budget, managing cash-flow, or paying off debt, our sister company Virtuoso Asset Management will create a financial plan tailored to your goals.

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The Academy

Business and Financial Education is often an afterthought for artists, and yet, the #1 reason artists leave the field is due to financial insecurity. At Virtuoso Advising for Artists, we’re working to change this. 

Virtuoso Academy provides artists with the training and tools they need to successfully plan for the business and financial side of a career in the arts.


Markus Beam

San Fransico Opera

Tiffany is a wonderful resource to any artist. Her compassionate, detailed approach and wealth of information has been an asset to our Adler Fellows and Merola participants, and is invaluable information to have for anyone beginning a career in the arts.

Rehanna Thelwell


When you embark on a gig to gig career path, understanding your finances is essential. Having Tiffany Soricelli in my corner to guide me through efficient ways of adding to my savings and setting financial goals has given me a better understanding of how to budget for my future. There's a sense of comfort working with someone that not only wants to help you, but also genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Allen Perriello

Des Moines Metro Opera

Tiffany's classes and consultations have become a vital part of our work at Minnesota Opera and The Glimmerglass Festival. She brings great joy to sharing financial information for artists, making it accessible, practical, and a lot less scary!