What if financial planning didn't have to be stressful?



Are you exhausted running from rehearsal, to concert, to lessons, to recordings, to work without getting the financial results you desire?

Are you frustrated that you’re not yet making the income that would help you achieve your personal AND professional goals?

Do you feel like you’re not in control of your own life and career?

You're not alone, and we're here to help.




Introducing Virtuoso Academy

Business and Financial Education is often an afterthought for artists, and yet, the #1 reason artists leave the field is due to financial insecurity. At Virtuoso Advising for Artists, we’re working to change this. 

Virtuoso Academy provides artists with the training and tools they need to successfully plan for the business and financial side of a career in the arts.



Our Mission

To educate, inspire, and support a whole generation of empowered, financially-savvy creative professionals leading fulfilling careers on their terms.



No More Starving Artists

We do not want another talented artist to leave the career due to financial stress or the pressures of living on an inconsistent income. 

What You Will Learn

Goal Setting

Learn how to set achievable goals that can turn into heathy habit building

Financial Behaviors

Dive into the way cash flow management and financial systems can influence you

Financial Best Practices

Learn about savings strategies and debt management

Investing + Long-term Saving

Deep-dive into the mechanics of investing and retirement savings for artists

Tax Prep + Accounting

Learn the in's and out's of using a Profit and Loss spreadsheet and tax filing requirements

Business Practices

You are your own small business! Learn core business functions and automations

Arts Management

What you need to know about contract law and what to look for in management

Personal Protection

What to consider when dealing with risk management and insurance and estate planning

Meet your Instructor



Tiffany Soricelli is an award-winning financial advisor, and the owner of Virtuoso Asset Management LLC. She is also the founder and CEO of Virtuoso Advising for Artists, a company dedicated to coaching and educating artists about the business and financial aspects of building a thriving career in the arts.

As a singer with degrees in performance, business, and education, Tiffany began her career in arts management. 

“My journey, education, and experiences make me uniquely positioned to support artists and creative professionals in this way. As a financial advisor I’m able to share best practices and industry standards, but as a musician, I’m deeply passionate about the work and I understand the struggles when the income is inconsistent and the work is exhausting.

I founded Virtuoso Advising for Artists to be a resource to the industry and support the talented musicians and artists in it.”


Learn at your own pace



Between lessons, coachings, rehearsals, and everything else- artists are busy! All Academy members are granted lifetime access, so you can set the pace to maximize your learning. 

Empowering Artists



If your 2024 goal is to become more financially savvy and in control of your life and career- then the Academy is for you. 


Since June 15, 2018, Virtuoso Advising for Artists has been a leading financial resource for:







Markus Beam

San Francisco Opera

Tiffany is a wonderful resource to any artist. Her compassionate, detailed approach and wealth of information has been an asset to our Adler Fellows and Merola participants, and is invaluable information to have for anyone beginning a career in the arts.

Robert Paterson

Mostly Modern Festival

Tiffany Soricelli was a very welcome addition to our roster of esteemed guest lecturers at Mostly Modern Festival. Her lecture was completely packed, so clearly, that was a sign. Musicians are hungry for her guidance and advice, and her talk was chock full of information and incredibly organized. I can’t recommend her strongly enough for any artist or organization who wants their artists to have long and successful careers in the arts.

Darren K Woods

Seagle Festival

Tiffany gives great, “no-nonsense” advice about saving, planning and investing in your financial future. We are looking forward to having her back every year!

Want to Learn More?

If you're interested in signing up for Academy Access, email us at [email protected]