You are not alone!

Taxes are overwhelmingly the greatest area of stress and confusion for self-employed artists so in an effort to provide enhanced support and training in this crucial area of your business, I’ve partnered with Jill Flinton, CPA to form The Tax Prep Club.

Enrollment will reopen in the Fall of 2024.



A group of artists who meet monthly for four months with the expressed goal of mastering their tax systems and efficiently and affordably filing their tax returns on time with minimal stress.

Each month, we’ll focus on a different element of tax-deductible expenses and do the data reconciliation for one quarter of 2024. No more ‘cramming’ for your taxes just before the April deadline!

Participants of this program will be able to get their taxes filed at a discounted rate through our affiliated partners.

Is the Tax Prep Club for me?

Let us know if this sounds familiar...


  • You're a creative professional who is frustrated with the inevitable "crunch time" to get receipts and income in order each tax season
  • You're not sure what may or may not be tax deductible for your business
  • You have both 1099 and W2 income and aren't sure what you need to do
  • You have used different software to file online but want a more personal experience
  • You're smart and capable, but have never had the resources to know how to manage taxes yourself

The struggle is real.

But you know what? It’s not your fault, and we're here to help!

Meet your Instructors

Tiffany Soricelli

 Tiffany Soricelli is an award-winning financial advisor, and the owner of Virtuoso Asset Management LLC. She is also the founder and CEO of Virtuoso Advising for Artists, a company dedicated to coaching and educating artists about the business and financial aspects of building a thriving career in the arts.

As a singer with degrees in performance, business, and education, Tiffany began her career in arts management. She then became the executive director of an arts nonprofit before transitioning into finance and serving as an advisor to creative professionals.

Jill Flinton, CPA

Jill has been helping individuals and small businesses restructure their finances (through bankruptcy) for over 10 years. She is now taking those skills out of the system to help you directly. As a licensed CPA, she customizes her advice to best benefit you, your life, or your business. Whether reviewing income and expenses, to creating budgets, to setting up accounting systems, or monitoring progress on your goals, Jill will help you understand your finances without fancy words and complicated calculations.
Jill is turning the tax and financial world upside down with an innovative approach to working with individuals and families on business and personal finance and tax matters. She takes a personcentered approach – sitting down and discussing your finances in a non-judgmental way. Let's turn your dreams and desires into reality. It's not just about money, it's about mindset and beliefs. Let’s work together to build your dream life.


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Check out the video recap our of live Informational Session where we answered questions about why we created the Tax Prep Club and how we're working to help others with their tax preparedness!



We’ll focus on reconciling one quarter at a time. Income and Expense data will need to be filled in and submitted for review at the end of each month. This is to ensure accuracy of data and hold you accountable to completing the form.

October: 2022 Q1 focus (Jan-Mar)
November: 2022 Q2 focus (April- Jun)
December: 2022 Q3 focus (July-Sept)
January: 2022 Q4 focus (Oct-Dec)
And we’ll conduct a final review of P&L/materials if needed.


Once tax forms are received in early February, you’ll be ready to file! You can submit materials to your accountant, complete your taxes on your own, or work with one of our CPAs and submit your materials in one complete package!

Tax Prep Club Participation


per person

  • 4 months of group classes
  • Templates
  • Tax-prep checklist
  • Live Q&A's
  • and more!

Join the Tax Prep Club

Includes 4 months of group classes, templates, and tax-prep checklist, Live Q&As and more to ensure you not only get organized for filing but you learn how to maximize your return and build the system to repeat this process year after year.

Tax Return Processing and Filing through our affiliated CPAs

Single: $150 for federal return and one state. Additional states at $25 each.
Couples: $225 for federal return and one state. Additional states at $25 each.

Total cost of the program:

Single Filers: $250 + $25 for additional states.
Couples: $325 + $25 for additional states [training still $100. return is $225 vs. $150...)
Keep in mind, as someone who is self-employed, these expenses are deductible!

Enrollment limited to US residents only.